Douglas W Bacon

Software Developer

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About Me

Programming has been my favorite hobby for several years. In 2016 I decided to pusue turning that hobby into my career. My emphasis has been on learning full-stack development.

Prior to programming, I have 20 years experience has an Electronics Technician. This experience has taught me trouble-shooting and problem solving skills that carry over well to the world of software development.


General Dynamics

Electronics Technician

Repair and maintenance of HeNe frequency stabilized lasers and interferometry equipment.

Repair and maintenance of Digital Microscopes used in metrology equipment.

Technical team member tasked with the design, build and testing of an in- house computerized polisher machine for Silicon-Carbide mirrors used in aerospace and defense applications.


Electronics Technician

Repair, maintenance and installation of CMP (Chemical Mechanical planarization) machines used in the silicon wafer industry.

EF Data

Electronics Technician

Maintenance and repair of satellite communications equipment.

US Navy

Electronics Technician

Maintenance and repair of shipboard radar and communication equipment.


Self Taught

Sept 2016 - Present courses, and personal projects with an emphasis on full-stack development



This is the project that really taught me about programming. Prior to working on this project I had used Visual Basic and LabView at work and tinkered arount with Visual Basic as a hobby at home. I taught myself programming fundamentels and the c programming language for this project

This program calculates astronomical occurances such as rise, set, transit time of the sun and moon and moon phase, based on a users Latitude and Longitude. These astronomical ocurrances are used to generate solunar tables. Solunar tables are used tp predict when wild game will be most active. These tables are usefull for hunting and fishing.

This code is written in c and was originally intended to be a library.

Project on GitHub


As my solunar project began to get notice I had users requesting an online version that they could integrate into their own websites. So I ported the c code to PHP.

Project on GitHub


A simple REST CRUD app. Home inventory is used to inventory all the stuff in our homes. A user can create rooms and save photos of the stuff in their rooms.

Built with node.js, express and MongoDB

Project on GitHub


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